Ruth Roemer: Business Coach, Life Coach and PARTNER IN LIFE'S CHALLENGES

Your life: You are the expert

My expertise is in helping you see alternatives and positive steps that you cannot see on your own. I am trained to listen, to ask questions, to poke and prod you towards the goals you set for yourself.  A coach can make a big difference regardless of whether you are grappling with a workplace challenge or experiencing a significant transition in your personal life, such as a relationship change, loss of employment, or the death of a significant person. My extensive training and experience in human resources and leadership development will also inform the work we do together. 

I have coached people in the following situations:

  • Executives meeting resistance from team members at all levels of the organization.
  • Mid-career professionals who are feeling stalled on the rise to the C-suite or who are facing job loss and looking to re-position themselves.
  • Individuals who want help getting through personal crises—life changing events and questions of "where am I, how did I get here and how do I move forward?"
  • Recent college graduates preparing to nail their first full-time jobs.

As you tell me about your issue, your desire, or your frustration, I engage and wonder with you, look for light, present you with alternatives, and help you see fresh possibilities.

I appreciate the opportunity to work with Ruth and am astounded by her ability to intuitively listen, absorb, and be able to understand my personality and way of thinking.
— WM

When good, old fashioned self-reliance isn't working anymore

Would you build a house without an architect?  We consult doctors when we are sick, lawyers when we have a legal issue, but when it comes to managing stressful situations around us and the little voice that says there must be more, our fall-back response is generally self-reliance. Rugged individualism is our cultural norm.  The coaching experience will help give you the tools to make positive changes within yourself and with others and help you become more effective at managing life’s many curve balls.

I like to say that “all life informs life.”  When it comes to our behavior and habits, I have found a lot of cross-over between the various aspects of life.  Through coaching,  we can explore how your whole life might be affected by certain patterns of thought and behavior. 

I look forward to my sessions with Ruth as my coach because I can always count on her to really listen to me, to question my assumptions in a direct but sensitive way, and to provide a safe place for me to explore my options.
— SR

My focus is on your specific goals and needs.

Whether you come to me to discover your possibilities in an area of your work life or daily life, your coaching sessions will enable you to:

  • Uncover your innate strength by drawing on your own natural resources.
  • See opportunities that were invisible before—and go after them with greater confidence.
  • Discover how whole you really are—and always have been.
  • Develop stronger, more fulfilling relationships and learn to create appropriate boundaries where needed.
  • Explore alternatives you’ve been hesitant to look at or you thought were closed off to you.
  • Take the first steps in pursuing your dream or your passion. 
  • Begin a plan to attain higher benchmark goals.
I run a small and relatively new business and hired Ruth as a consultant to help me create a hiring process when we were ready to bring on an admin. Her experience in human resources helped me smoothly navigate everything from creating a job description to making an offer to crafting a plan for on-boarding my new hire.
— John